Orkla's new executive board

When Finn Jebsen takes over as President and Group Chief Executive of Orkla after Jens P. Heyerdahl d.y. as from 2 July 2001, in addition to Finn Jebsen and Halvor Stenstadvold, the Group's Executive Board will be supplemented by Roar Engeland and Dag J. Opedal.

The members of the Executive Board will report to Finn Jebsen (51). Like the present Group CEO, he will also be responsible for the Chemicals and Financial Investments divisions.
Mr Jebsen will continue to serve as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Carlsberg Breweries.

Roar Engeland (41) currently heads Orkla's Department for Corporate Development. He has been employed at Orkla since 1994. Mr Engeland will continue to be responsible for Corporate Development, in addition to serving on the Board of Directors of Carlsberg Breweries and on several other internal boards.

Dag J. Opedal (42) has previously held the positions of Managing Director at Stabburet, Deputy Managing Director at Orkla Foods and Director of e-Business at Orkla. He has been employed at Orkla since 1991. Mr Opedal will have corporate responsibility for Orkla Brands, Orkla Foods and Bakers. He will also serve on a number of internal boards and will head the work of the Branded Consumer Goods management team.

Halvor Stenstadvold (57) will as previously have responsibility for staff functions at Orkla's head office, in addition to taking over corporate responsibility for and chairmanship of the Board of Directors of Orkla Media. Mr Stenstadvold will continue to sit on several internal boards.

The Group Management Team, which consists of the persons responsible for the business areas and the heads of staff functions at Orkla's head office, will be expanded to include four new members from the Group's Industry division, thereby giving the Group Management Team a broader international composition. Emphasis has been placed on relevant experience and expertise and a balanced age distribution.