Roar Engeland new head of Orkla's Financial Investments

20.02.2006: Executive Vice President Roar Engeland will, in addition to his role as head of Corporate Development in Orkla, take up the position as head of the Group's Financial Investments division.

The chief investment officer, as well as the heads of Orkla Finans, Real Estate and Corporate Development will all report to Engeland.
The position as chief investment officer is presently vacant, but a recruitment process has been initiated.
Roar Engeland (46) is a master of philosophy, has an MBA from INSEAD, and is a graduate of the Norwegian Military Academy. He has headed Corporate Development since 1996, and has been a member of Orkla's Group Executive Board since 2001. Engeland was formerly a consultant at McKinsey, prior to which he held various positions in the Armed Forces.