Seeking a solution for the totality of Orkla Media

04.05.2006: There has been a considerable amount of interest in taking part in the process of further developing Orkla Media.

On the basis of the indicative offers, the process is now continuing with a smaller number of players, who will be invited to learn more about Orkla Media to enable them to submit more detailed, binding proposals for solutions.
Orkla's Board of Directors is willing to consider solutions that entail new ownership of Orkla Media, but will also consider solutions where Orkla would continue to have an ownership interest. The Board of Directors has requested the management to continue to work on proposals which will provide a single solution for all of Orkla Media.
Each player in the process will be assessed on the basis of the three criteria that were set for the process; what plans they can offer for the further industrial development of Orkla Media, what contribution they can make to value creation for Orkla shareholders, and their commitment to build further on the company's publishing principles.
The Board of Directors emphasises that the negotiations that are now being entered into are a confidential process. Orkla is therefore unable to provide any information about who is participating in the process, the content of individual solutions, etc.