The Corporate Assembly of Orkla ASA - amendment of the Nomination Committee's recommendation

Reference is made to the press release of 19 March 2010 with the attached recommendation by the Nomination Committee regarding the election of members and deputy members to the Corporate Assembly and the Nomination Committee of Orkla ASA. Due to the fact that the chair of the Corporate Assembly, Knut Brundtland, has now informed the Nomination Committee that he is unable to stand for re-election to the Corporate Assembly, and is therefore also withdrawing from the office of chair of the Nomination Committee, the Nomination Committee wishes to propose the following amendments to its recommendation:


Deputy member Ann Kristin Brautaset is proposed as new member, and Odd Gleditsch d.y. is proposed as new deputy member.


The Nomination Committee proposes that the present deputy chair of the Corporate Assembly, Idar Kreutzer, take over as chair of the Corporate Assembly, and that member Dag Mejdell take over as new deputy chair. The Nomination Committee further recommends Idar Kreutzer as new chair of the Nomination Committee.