The Nomination Committee's recommendation

The Nomination Committee's recommendation for Orkla ASA's  Board of Directors is now ready - see the attached documents. The election will be conducted at the meeting of the Corporate Assembly on Thursday, 26 May.


The Nomination Committee consists of: Idar Kreutzer (Chair), Olaug Svarva, Leiv Askvig, Nils-Henrik Pettersson and Åsmund Dybedahl (representing the employees on the nominations for the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board)


A complete overview of the members of the Board and the Corporate Assembly can be found on the Group's website at


Orkla ASA,
Oslo, 12 May 2011




Point of contact:
Idar Kreutzer, Chair of the Nomination Committee. Tel. +47 22311164

Senior Vice President, General Counsel at Orkla ASA Karl Otto Tveter: +47 924 46822