Trade subject to notification

All employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have been offered the opportunity of buying 60 or 120 Orkla shares at a price of NOK 116.50 per share minus a 20% discount.

On 1 December 1999, the following primary insiders purchased 120 shares in Orkla ASA at a price of NOK 93.20 per share. All the new shareholding figures include shares that have been subscribed for in connection with the preferential rights issue:

After the purchase,
Jens P. Heyerdahl d.y., President and Group Chief Executive, and close relatives will have a total shareholding of 475,717 Orkla shares. In addition Mr. Heyerdahl owns 10% of Oktav Invest AS which in total owns 5,025,696 Orkla shares,
and Halvor Stenstadvold, Exec. Vice-President, Orkla ASA, will have a total shareholding of 5,120 Orkla shares.