Trade subject to notification - HÅG ASA

16.12.2005: With reference to the notices to the Oslo Stock Exchange 16 December 2005 regarding Rondane Holding AS' voluntary bid to buy all the shares in Håg ASA.

Orkla ASA and Scan TV AS entered into, 15 December 2005 after trading hours, a conditional agreements with Rondane Holding AS to sell Orkla ASAs' and Scan TV AS' total holding in HÅG ASA, consist in respectively 1,896,550 (19.83 %) and 377,950 (3.95  % ) shares, to a price of NOK 47 per share in HÅG ASA.
Scan TV AS is a 100 % owned subsidiary of Orkla ASA. Orkla ASA is represented on the Board in HÅG ASA by Janne Merethe Flessum.
The agreement is conditional upon Rondane Holding AS' offer to buy all the shares in Håg ASA will be carried out.
Press release regarding Rondane Holding's  voluntary offer to buy the shares in Håg ASA.