Trade subject to notification - Shares for employees 2004

26.11.2004: All employees in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the USA are offered 40 or 100 Orkla shares at a price of NOK 180, minus a 20% discount.

This programme was introduced in 1999. The offer was valid from 15 November to 25 November 2004.
The following primary insiders have bought 100 shares in Orkla at NOK 144.00 on the 25 November 2004:
Corporate Director Legal Affairs Karl Otto Tveter, Orkla ASA, increases his holding to 1,100 shares and 24,667 options in Orkla ASA.
Director Gunnar Vikstrøm, Borregaard, increases his holding to  4,200 shares and 5,000 options in Orkla ASA.
Managing Director Jan Lindh, Orkla Media, increases his total holding to  33,028 shares and 7,500 options in Orkla ASA.
Managing Director Mikael Aru, Procordia Food, increases his holding to  200 shares and 6,000 options in Orkla ASA.