Trade subject to notification - Shares for Employees 2009

Employees in 26 countries have been offered the opportunity to buy Orkla shares at a discount for the amount of NOK 4 000, NOK 12 000, NOK 20 000 or NOK 28 000. The purchase price will be set at Orkla's closing price at 11 November 2009, minus 25 % discount. The offer is valid from 2 - 10 November 2009. This programme was introduced in 1999.
The following primary insiders have bought shares in Orkla on 2 November 2009 (see attachment):
The purchase price and the number of shares acquired by the primary insiders, as well as their updated shareholdings, will be notified the Stock Exchange following the determination of the purchase price.
Orkla ASA
Oslo, 3 November 2009
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