We have received the following information from Pripps Ringnes:

Date:Fre, 30/8 1996 Orkla

Distribution of Coca-Cola products in Norway extended with two months

According to the letter of intent which Pripps Ringnes and The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) agreed upon at 19 June, 1996 TCCC had an option to ask Ringnes to continue distribution in Norway in an additional three months from 1 March 1997. TCCC has now informed Ringnes that the company will utilise Ringnes' distribution system for an additional two months until 1 May 1997. This is accepted by Ringnes in accordance with the letter of intent. In Sweden Pripps will terminate the distribution on 28 February 1997 as previously agreed between the parties.

Lisbeth Lindberg, tlf (+47) 22 50 10 80, 30 August 1996

Orkla Hugin