Worldly-wise with Teezer

"Teezer is intended to be a lively beverage!" announces Product Manager Annette Grymyr. Ringnes recently launched two varieties in the new Teezer Around the World series: Teezer Barcelona Red Lips and Teezer Reykjavik Blue Ice.

Teezer sales are rising. The trendy new series seems to be popular, particularly the Barcelona variety. Both look good on the shelves of bars and restaurants," says Ms Grymyr.
The alcopop beverage is sold at bars and restaurants and at the Norwegian state wine and liquor monopoly, and targets people in the beginning of their twenties, particularly those who are not very fond of beer. A new flavour in the series will be launched this autumn and another at Christmas. The flavours that do not do well will be taken out of circulation.
"Won't the large number of varieties confuse customers?"
"The young people of today expect us to produce new products frequently. They are willing to try new, exciting flavours. There has to be lots of activity in connection with the brand. Teezer is supposed to be a bit wild and crazy!"