As of 31 December 2018, 51% of Orkla’s share capital was held by foreign investors (source: VPS).

The largest foreign shareholdings are in the USA with 25% and in UK with 14% (source: VPS). The shareholder list below is based on the Norwegian Central Securities Depository’s share register.

The 20 largest shareholders

Norwegian Central Securities Deopsitory (VPS)

Nom=Nominee account (client account).

Shares owned by Orkla carry no votes.

Identification of shareholders registered on nominee accounts is carried through every quarter, and may be read here:

See latest shareholder analysis here

Stein Erik Hagen and his close associates appear as Canica AS Group in the table and consists of the following companies: Canica AS, Tvist 5 AS, Canica Investor AS and Stein Erik Hagen AS.

Figures per 31 December 2018

As of 31 December 2017 Orkla had 38,313 shareholders.
Total number of Orkla shares: 1,018,930,970.
Total number of outstanding shares: 999,520,711.