The Board of Directors, the Compensation Committee, the Audit Committee and the Nomination Committee are remunerated at these rates.

As from 12 April 2018, the Board of Directors is remunerated at the following rates:

 Chairman of the board  NOK 820,000 per year
 Deputy Board Chair  NOK 660,000 per year
 Shareholder-elected Board member  NOK 522,000 per year
 Employee-elected Board member  NOK 430,000 per year
 Deputy member  NOK 27,500 per meeting
 In addition, shareholder-elected Board members residing outside of Norway receive an additional NOK 17,500 for each Board meeting they attend and this will apply also to shareholder-elected deputy members.
Compensation Committee
Committee Chair NOK 140,000 per year
Member NOK 105,000 per year
Audit Committee
Committee Chair NOK 176,000 per year
Member NOK 118,000 per year
Nomination Committee
Committee Chair NOK 63,000 per year
Member NOK 46,000 per year
Employee-elected representative NOK 6,300 per meeting