13. Information and communications

Orkla seeks to ensure that its accounting and financial reporting inspires investor confidence.

Orkla’s accounting procedures are highly transparent, and since 2005 Orkla has prepared and presented its financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The Board of Directors’ Audit Committee monitors company reporting on behalf of the Board.

Orkla strives to communicate actively and openly with the market. The company’s annual and quarterly reports contain extensive information on the various aspects of the company’s activities. The company’s quarterly presentations are webcast directly and may be found on Orkla’s website, along with the quarterly and annual reports, under “Investor Relations”. In 2017, the company’s Annual General Meeting was webcast and simultaneously interpreted to English. Orkla normally holds a Capital Markets Day every other year, on which occasion the market is given an in-depth review of the Group’s strategic direction and operational development. The Capital Markets Day presentations are webcast directly on the company’s website. All shareholders and other financial market players are treated equally as regards access to financial information. The Group’s Investor Relations Department maintains regular contact with company shareholders, potential investors, analysts and other financial market stakeholders. The Board is regularly informed of the company’s investor relations activities. The financial calendar for 2018 may be found on Orkla’s website under “Investor Relations”.