2. Activities

Orkla’s objectives, as defined in its Articles of Association, are as follows: “The objectives of the company are to engage in activities comprising industry, commerce, forestry, transport, finance, the acquisition and sale of securities and other investments, the purchase, sale, development and management of real estate, the publication of newspapers, magazines and other media, services and any other activity connected with the aforementioned objectives. The activities are conducted by the company itself or by its subsidiaries in Norway and abroad.”

In accordance with its mission statement, Orkla operates in several areas. The Group’s core business is branded consumer goods, but the Group still has activities in the aluminium, energy, real estate and financial investments sectors.

The Orkla Compass comprises Orkla’s vision, goals, strategic pillars, core values and business strategy, and sets a clear, common direction for the Group. Orkla’s vision is to be “Your friend in everyday life”, and Orkla’s mission is ”Improving everyday life with sustainable and enjoyable local brands.” Orkla aims to outperform and create greater value than its competitors and other comparable companies. The Group will achieve this objective by working purposefully within the framework of five strategic pillars: (1) Consumers, (2) Customers, (3) People, (4) Operations and (5) Society. Orkla’s core values are ”Brave”, ”Trustworthy” and ”Inspiring”.