Sold businesses

Orkla has sold the following businesses since 2004. Please note that the summary below only includes larger transactions.


Sapa – July 2017:
In July 2017, Orkla and Norsk Hydro (“Hydro”) entered into an agreement whereby Hydro is to purchase Orkla’s 50% interest in Sapa. The sale is in line with Orkla’s strategy of being a leading branded consumer goods company. The agreement was completed on 2 October 2017.
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Gränges – March 2016
In March 2016 Orkla Industriinvesteringar AB, a wholly owned subsidiary to Orkla ASA, sold its remaining ownership share in Gränges AB.
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Orkla Brands Russia – January 2015
In November 2014, Orkla entered into an agreement to sell OJSC Orkla Brands Russia to Slavyanka-Lyuks JSC. The sale was completed in January 2015.
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Gränges – October 2014
Orkla reduced its ownership share in Gränges AB from 100% to 31% through an initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm.
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In 2015, Orkla’s ownership share was further reduced to 16%.
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Sapa JV – September 2013
In October 2012, Hydro and Orkla agreed to combine their respective profiles, building systems and tubing operations in a joint venture, owned 50/50 by the two companies. Sapa, the new global leader in extruded aluminium solutions, was established on 1 September 2013.
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Borregaard – August 2012
81% of the shares in Borregaard were sold through an initial public offering on the stock exchange. Orkla retains the power plants related to Borregaard.
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Orkla Financial Investments:
Orkla Real Estate – January 2012
32.4% share in Fornebu Utvikling (FBU) sold.
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Orkla Brands
Orkla Brands Nordic – November 2011
The bakery company Bakers will be sold to Norgesgruppen. Bakers delivers breads, cakes and bakery goods to grocery stores, petrol stations, kiosks and other large-scale customers.
Bakers currently has 770 employees and had operating revenues of about NOK 1.2 billion in 2010.
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Elkem – January 2011
Orkla ASA has signed a binding agreement with China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd (Bluestar) for the purchase and sale of Elkem. The transaction comprises Elkem Silicon Materials, Elkem Foundry Products, Elkem Carbon and Elkem Solar.
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Orkla Financial Investments:
Borregaard Skoger – October 2010
Orkla Eiendom (Orkla Real Estate) sells Borregaard Forests to Statskog.
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Orkla Finans – October 2010
Orkla sells Orkla Finans to Pareto. The primary objective of Pareto’s acquisition is to strengthen focus on asset management and project financing.
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Orkla Materials
Elkem Energy – December 2009
Elkem sold its hydropower plants in Salten and Bremanger for NOK 6 billion. The total annual power production of the sold plants is 1.7 TWh, of which 1.5 TWh is owned production. Elkem’s power plants in Sauda and Borregaard’s power plants in Sarpsborg will be retained. Read more in Orkla’s notification to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Orkla Brands
Kotlin and Elbro – July 2009
Orkla Brands sold its shares in Kotlin and Elbro to the Polish company Agros Nova.


Orkla Materials
Elkem Aluminium – December 2008
On 22 December, Orkla and Alcoa concluded an agreement on the exchange of assets in two jointly-owned companies. Orkla is taking over Alcoa’s 45.45 % equity interest in Sapa Profiles, making it 100 % owner. At the same time, Alcoa is taking over Orkla’s 50 % equity interest in the aluminium smelting company Elkem Aluminium, making it
wholly owned by Alcoa. Read more in Orkla’s stock exchange notification.

Orkla Brands
GuSeppe – June 2008
GuSeppe sold to Dr Oetker.
Orkla Associates
Hjemmet Mortensen – June 2008
Orkla sold its 40 % shareholding in Hjemmet Mortensen AS to Egmont for a gain of over NOK 800 million. The gain from the transaction was presented under ‘Associates’ on Orkla’s conslidated financial statements in Q2-08.


Orkla Financial Investments
Orkla Real Estate – February 2007
Orkla sold real estate at Fornebu, Oslo at a net gain of NOK 261 million.

Orkla Finans – February 2007
Orkla sold Orkla Finans Forsikringsmegling (insurance broking) at a net gain of NOK 40 million.
During Q1-07, Orkla sold its ownership interest in Mecom Group plc (19.97 %) at a book gain of just over NOK 300 million. Following this transaction Orkla owns no shares in Mecom.


Orkla Brands
Orkla Media – July 2006
All of Orkla Media’s operations except Hjemmet Mortensen (Magazines) and Netzeitung were sold to Mecom Group. The Media business had operations mainly in Norway, Denmark, Poland and the Baltic states. Revenues in 2005, NOK 8 677 million. Total proceeds from sale of Orkla Media NOK 7.8 billion.


Orkla Materials
Elkem – December 2005
Elkem sold its silicon plant in Alloy West Virginia to Globe Metallurgical. The sale was closed in the first half of 2006. The silicon metal plant has an annual capacity of approximately 70,000 tonnes. In 2004, operating revenues and operating profit (EBITA) for the businesses covered by the agreement totalled USD 96 million and USD 6 million respectively. The silicon metal plant has a total energy requirement of around 900 – 1000 GwH.


Orkla Brands
Beverages – February 2004
Orkla sold its stake in Carlsberg Breweries to Carlsberg AS for NOK 17.5 billion.