More about AGM

More about class of shares, general meeting, voting rights, extraordinary general meeting, and corporate assembly.

One class of shares

Orkla has one class of shares, and each share carries one vote, except for shares owned by the group. The company has no limitations on ownership other than those imposed by Norwegian concession laws.

Notice of general meeting and voting rights

Ordinary or extraordinary general meetings shall be convened on at least 21 days’ notice.

An ordinary general meeting shall be held each year before the end of the month of May.

Voting rights may be exercised when the transfer has been recorded by the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) within the time limit for giving notice of attendance at the general meeting, or the if the acquisition has been reported to the VPS and documentary evidence thereof is presented at the general meeting. Under Norwegian law, only shares that are registered in the name of the shareholder may be voted.

Extraordinary general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting shall be held when the board of directors, the corporate assembly or its chairman deem it necessary. Similarly, a general meeting shall be called when shareholders who represent at least one twentieth of the share capital, or the auditor, so demand in writing, at the same time stating the topics they wish the general meeting to consider.