Management routines for Orkla’s sustainability work

Orkla wishes to contribute to sustainable development by offering products that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster sustainable business practices in every part of the value chain.

Sustainability work is pivotal to Orkla’s ability to create growth, trust and competitive operations. To ensure that this requirement is met in all parts of the group, Orkla places emphasis on developing good managers, a strong corporate culture and suitable management routines.

The CEO of each Orkla company is responsible for implementing the Group’s directive on corporate responsibility and drawing up action plans for sustainability work based on Orkla’s sustainability targets up to 2025. This work must be integrated into the company’s operations and be based on the precautionary principle and the principle of continuous improvement. The companies’ prioritisation of resource use must be based on an assessment of both the business’s and stakeholders’ needs. Orkla’s governing documents are accessible to all the companies through the Group’s web-based governance portal. To ensure that employees are familiar with Orkla’s directive, internal training is provided by both the Group and the companies.

Orkla monitors the companies’ corporate responsibility and sustainability work by means of annual internal status reports. This takes place as part of “business area reviews” and in connection with Orkla’s external sustainability reporting.

The Board of Orkla approves the group’s general guidelines for business ethics and corporate social responsibility. In addition, the board follows up the group’s work through an annual assessment of the progress in the work with corporate social responsibility and HSE, quarterly review of developments in important HSE indicators and ongoing discussion of individual cases that are considered to be of significant importance to the business.

Orkla’s Executive Vice President for Group Functions and Legal Affairs is responsible for managing Orkla’s work with corporate social responsibility, and assesses which matters are to be presented to the Board. He also chairs the Orkla’s Sustainability Committee which was established to help ensure effective coordination of sustainability work across business areas and functions, initiate joint development activities and provide support for Orkla’s Group Executive Board.