A great month for health

January is the month for keeping New Year’s resolutions.


Dieting and exercise are a hot topic, and newspapers are full of the latest information on what is healthy and good for you. Several Orkla companies, such as Pierre Robert, Axellus and Orkla Foods Norge, are seeing this focus reflected in their sales.

Pierre Robert has kicked off the new year with a major new campaign for sports underwear and socks that is underway in both stores and the company’s webstore. This year the company has relaunched its entire Sport Collection range and is generally finding the start of the year to be a very satisfactory period. The company is expecting its sports range sales to increase by close to 20%.

At Axellus, which supplies dietary supplements and weight reduction products, January is naturally an extremely important month. Sales of weight loss bars have risen in the past few years, but in January growth is strongest for the Very Low Calory Diet (VLCD) products used by those who have really made up their minds to lose weight. Sales of shakes are around 40% higher than in a normal month.

“The start of the year is obviously important for us, which is why we launch a special Nutrilett campaign. In January we are running the Money Back Campaign for our Nutrilett shakes. Our message is that if you don’t lose weight, you get your money back,” says Anette Liavik, Marketing Manager at Axellus.

In the Maxim range of sports nutrition products, too, Axellus is seeing strong demand for energy bars and sports drinks in connection with the skiing season.

Major campaign

Orkla Foods Norge’s sales force makes an all-out effort in December to ensure that as many healthy everyday favourites as possible are featured in January sales. Large-scale product displays have been designed in preparation for this year’s “Win A Year’s Supply of Sandwich Toppings” campaign.

“With this campaign, we are aiming to move products off store shelves even faster than in previous years. So far, our sales staff have done an amazing job and sold God start (Good Start) products for NOK 120 million, which is NOK 17 million more than last year,” says Espen Gulbrandsen, Trade Marketing Manager at Orkla Foods Norge.

Orkla Foods has had a good tradition of building gigantic displays of Stabbur-Makrell (mackerel), which is unquestionably the topping that sells best of all in January. This year, Norway’s largest Stabbur-Makrell display was built at the Kiwi store in Mortensrud during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It consisted of 36920 tins of 170 grams of Stabbur-mackerel.