A “must” at Christmas

The traditional blue tin of Stabburet Juleansjos (Christmas anchovies) and Santa motifs are clear evidence that Christmas has finally arrived.


For many Norwegians, Christmas anchovies are a definite must-have on their plate of Christmas fare. Christmas anchovies are one of Stabburet’s older products, and a Nordic tradition that we are proud of. They are also a Christmas product that is an important part of Orkla Foods Norge’s portfolio.

There is great demand for Stabburet Juleansjos every single year, and this year more than 150,000 tins has been sold. This is a product that many people long to see arrive on store shelves.

Like sherry

Before they become available in stores, the Christmas anchovies must be made from the year’s catch of European sprat. First, the fish is placed in barrels in a brine spiced according to a recipe from 1911. The wooden barrels of anchovies and marinade are then stored for the obligatory number of months in a rock cavern. It is during this storage period that the anchovies acquire their unique flavour.

During the storage period, the barrels are turned regularly, just as is done with sherry, after which the barrels are placed in cold storage. After a further six to eight weeks in the barrels, the raw materials are ready to be filleted.

Serving tips:

Stabburet’s Christmas anchovies are a tasty, salty delicacy that evokes good memories and nostalgia. They are a perfect accompaniment for a boiled egg and fresh wholemeal bread. Anchovies are also delicious served with smoked salmon, onion, salad or cured meats. More and more Norwegians are making “Jansson’s Temptation”, a well-known, much loved Swedish casserole. Anchovies are also an important “spice” in remoulade, home-made liver paté and tapenade.