A new generation of detergents

A new generation of detergents has arrived: OMO Power Dose is the first laundry detergent in capsule format on the Norwegian market. Not since the 1990s has Lilleborg introduced a bigger laundry innovation. The product was launched at the start of the year, and so far has been extremely well received on the market.


“OMO Power Dose comes pre-dosed in practical capsules that you put directly into the washer drum. The capsule is made of hydrofilm that automatically dissolves in the washing water,” says Product Manager Øyvind Klev.

He explains that the new format offers numerous advantages: you do not need to dose or unwrap the detergent, there is no mess, no residue in the dosing drawer and no problems caused by the tablet failing to dissolve.

“Washing clothes has never been simpler,” he declares, adding that the new capsules deliver excellent results.

“OMO Power Dose is based on new technology. The new, highly concentrated capsules contain 35 ml of detergent per wash load, while the recommended dosage for ordinary liquid OMO is 60 ml.”

Simplicity and efficiency are the trend

“What consumer insight inspired this launch?”

“There is a growing trend towards «convenience» solutions that make household tasks like laundry, cleaning and cooking an easy and efficient process. We are seeing a rise in the number of small households. According to Statistics Norway, 40 per cent of Norwegian households now consist of three or fewer persons. The fewer the household members, the greater the demand for convenience products. We also see that consumers’ ability to pay is substantial, as is their willingness to pay for convenience,” explains Øyvind Klev.

Product testers are delighted

Omo Power Dose has been well received in the market. The product underwent thorough testing prior to its launch. A total of 700 Norwegian consumers have tried the capsules out at home for two weeks, and their conclusion is clear: they want this product.  

“A clear majority consider Power Dose to be as good or better than the detergent they normally use. Norwegian consumers love this product; besides the fact that it is easy to use and simple to dose, many people point out that it’s handy to bring along to the community laundry room or on a trip,” says Øyvind Klev.

“We expect the capsules to replace tablets, which will no longer be part of our product range. But we also expect that users will be switching to capsules from both the powder and liquid detergent segments. We are confident that OMO Power Dose will create growth in this category.”