Autumn launches from Orkla

Store shelves are now being stocked with more new products from Orkla.


The many new offerings include a pizza roll from Grandiosa and TORO Vår beste supper (Our best soups) made from natural raw materials.

“This launch window features many activities revolving around our strongest brands. We want to delight our consumers by introducing product innovations, new flavours and familiar brand favourites in new improved packaging,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Commercial Excellence.

Among the new products now available on store shelves are fresh, ready-to-eat casseroles and soups containing only natural raw materials from TORO and tandoori sauce and genuine naan bread from SaritasS. On the baking product shelf, TORO offers a new baking mix with yeast that makes extra light Norwegian sweet buns, and the Idun Mors hjemmelagde (Mother’s home-made) range now includes ready-to-bake filling for wheat baked goods.

Cross-border innovations

“Orkla is also launching several new products across national borders. Grandiosa Pizzarull, which is a big success in Sweden, will now also be available in Norway. KiMs Crisps and TORO Middagsklar fish sauces are other examples of major launches based on ideas from our sister companies in the Nordic region,” Arve Heltne relates.

Healthier popular favourites

“We are maintaining our focus on making popular favourites healthier, and are launching products with reduced salt, sugar and saturated fat content. One such product is KiMs Crisps, a range of whole-grain rippled chips,” says Senior VP Heltne.

The family favourites Kornmo, Tom & Jerry and Bokstavkjeks (alphabet) biscuits are being relaunched without palm oil. A new version of Polly Naturligvis, an unsalted nut mix, will soon be available. Bixit is introducing a brand-new, hunger-satisfying muesli bar baked with oats, and Nora Naturlig Lett with more berries and less sugar is being launched in a practical squeeze bottle.

Easier to like

In the personal care segment, Lilleborg is introducing several new products, including an exclusive shower and hand soap from Naturelle and the popular favourite Lano, with no parabens or colouring agents. Jordan is launching a new collection of its best-selling Jordan Individual toothbrushes. Pierre Robert also has several new products that Arve Heltne considers noteworthy: “Pierre Robert works continuously to improve its product design and quality, and its new products include a brand-new collection of sports clothing for children and a range of feminine wool products in soft colours for the coming season,” he concludes.