Autumn product launches

TORO dessert mixes, a new look for Define and more good stuff from BigOne are among Orkla’s new Norwegian offerings in September.


“The launch display window reflects activity in several of Orkla’s brands. The Define Scandinavian hair-care line has had a significant design makeover and features an even better formula, while our bestselling Jif cleaning sprays have got a new appearance,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Three types of TORO dessert mix, TORO Kyllingpanne (a one-pan creamy chicken dish), a new Indian sauce from SaritaS and FUN Light Husholdningssaft (a squash drink) are some of the new food products. BigOne pizzas are being relaunched with an improved crust and more topping, and Nidar is presenting Polly Brente Mandler, a chocolate bar with roasted almonds. Other new items include Nidar assorted chocolates for Halloween and a new Christmas marzipan with dark chocolate and 46% almonds.

More of what’s good, less that is unhealthy

“The trend continues of products ‘free of’ various things,” says Heltne. “Examples include gluten-free Maxim protein bars with reduced sugar content and low-calorie Nutrilett products with less sugar and more natural ingredients. We are also launching CuraMed throat lozenges with added Vitamin D and a new sugar-free flavour.”

Maxim 40% protein bars are getting two new flavours, and Möller’s is introducing a nutritional supplement for pregnant women based on ingredients recommended by the Norwegian health authorities.

Other notable innovations include OMO Black and Milo, relaunched in a new, high-concentrate formula. The result is a smaller bottle that provides as many washing loads as before. Zalo celebrates its 65th birthday with a Limited Edition version with the design theme “One drop is enough.”

The new products will be available on store shelves by mid-September.