This autumn’s new products from Orkla

Healthier biscuits, Nordic Swan eco-labelled wool garments and more environmentally friendly detergents are just some of the new products launched in Norway by Orkla.


“This autumn’s launches reflect a greater focus on health and naturalness. Several of our innovations also meet consumer demands for good everyday environmental choices,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

“The Klar range is a good example of a new, more sustainable option, consisting of new product launches in the most important washing and cleaning product categories,” he adds.

The new food products include TORO Fersk Grønnsakspasta (fresh vegetable pasta) made from root vegetables. Nora offers apple and pear jam containing 80% fruit, and several TORO baking mixes now come in gluten-free varieties.

“Better for you”

On the biscuit and snacks shelves, Kornmo 7 offers healthier biscuits made with fewer ingredients, while Crisps tempts shoppers with oven-baked potato crisps with 70% less fat than ordinary crisps.

“In our efforts to make our popular favourites a little healthier with less salt, sugar and fat, we make good taste a high priority. Our Bokstavkjeks (alphabet biscuits) with 45% less salt and oven-baked potato crisps with less fat are some examples. We’re also launching Doc’ sugar-free throat lozenges,” Heltne says.

Maxim can now offer protein powder and bars with a low sugar content, while Nutrilett is launching several bars made from natural ingredients such as chia and nuts, and a new shake that combines blueberries and curd cheese.

“Free from” products

“The naturalness trend is also evident in the personal care segment, where we’re launching new face creams from Aqua Derma and Dr Greve with simpler formulations, and a variety of other exciting new products,” relates Heltne.

Among other innovations Helte considers worth noting are Jordan toothbrushes with a timer that makes toothbrushing easier for the youngest children, and Dr Greve shower refills.

More environmentally friendly detergents

JIF Allrent is introducing more concentrated cleaning products that require less packaging. The new Jordan Wipes, which are 100% compostable and can be thrown away with food waste, are also good news for the environment.

Nordic swan-labelled favourite

Pierre Robert’s colourful wool garments for children are favourites of many families with children. Now the popular wool underwear carries the Nordic Swan eco-label.

“We are proud to be able to satisfy the criteria for Nordic Swan eco-labelling. The Swan eco-label certifies that the entire production process meets stringent environmental requirements, as well as social requirements for good working conditions. The Nordic Swan eco-label is a well-known, reliable symbol that makes it easier for Norwegian families to make a more sustainable choice, an important contribution in their busy everyday lives. We have also switched to using GOTS-certified organic cotton in Pierre Robert cotton underwear for children, and our cotton undergarments for women, which we certified last winter,” says Hege Holter Brekke, CEO of Pierre Robert Group.

These and several other new Orkla products are currently on their way to Norwegian store shelves.