Be your own pizza service

Norwegians love pizza. Stabburet is now challenging home delivery pizza businesses all over the country by offering a large take-away pizza that you bake yourself at home. And the result will always be piping hot. 


Norwegians love pizzas and enjoy them as everyday fare, on weekends when they want to relax with a tasty meal, or where they’re in a hurry and need something simple, quick and filling.

“We’ve been working on developing our new pizza for a long time. With Take Away by Big One, there is now a pizza in the frozen food counter that is as big, and as good, as the pizzas that you order. It has a really light base, a good crust and generous toppings. Naturally, it comes with a sour cream dressing, just as people want when they order take away,” says Kjetil Andresen, Stabburet Product Manager .

Take Away by Big One is sold in authentic, take-away boxes, and is baked and ready to eat in twelve minutes. The big pizzas are produced in a new baking line at Stranda, and extra time is allowed for the rising process. This new method ensures a light, fluffy crust exactly like the kind you’re served in a restaurant.

Take Away by Big One comes in two varieties: Meat Lover, consisting of juicy beef, meatballs, bacon and onion, and Dream Team, which is topped with large chunks of ham and flavourful pepperoni.

“Baking the take-away pizza in your own home guarantees you a piping hot pizza. That’s not always the case when you order take-away and might have to wait a long time for delivery,” Andresen points out.

The Big One brand was introduced in the 1990s and is Stabburet’s answer to American deep pan pizza. Today, Big One has a market share of around 25%, and a total of 8.2 million pizzas are produced every year. Big One is produced in the same factory as Grandiosa and Originale pizzas.