Business and industry call for a Global Deal for Nature and People

We at Orkla entirely agree with WWF that we need a global mobilisation to protect nature. Today, Orkla signed the business community’s call for action for a Global Deal for Nature and People.


WWF is calling for the establishment of a binding Global Deal for Nature and People, similar to the Paris Accord on climate change. The business and industrial community’s call was launched at the WWF Norway conference “Miljøtalen” on 3 April 2019. Orkla is one of the companies that support this action:

“Loss of nature is just as great a threat as climate change, and business and industry are completely dependent on a properly functioning natural environment. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realise this fact. The call for action gives the business community an opportunity to help put pressure on the government in our efforts to establish a Global Deal for Nature and People. We are very glad that Orkla wishes to participate in this appeal,” says Bård Vegar Solhjell, Secretary General of WWF Norway.

According to WWF’s Living Planet Report for 2018, global wildlife populations have declined in size by 60 per cent, on average, since 1970, and the trend is negative for important natural species and ecosystems, too.

“We believe that a global deal for nature and people with binding goals and common principles for monitoring performance is crucial to ensuring effective management, coordinating efforts across countries and achieving the necessary progress,” says Ellen Behrens, VP Corporate Social Responsibility at Orkla. “We in the business and industrial community both can and should play a pivotal role in efforts to protect and conserve biodiversity.”

Joining forces to protect nature

“We want to contribute to safeguarding biodiversity by improving our own operations, engaging actively in our supply chain, focusing on innovation and promoting sustainable business practices,” Behrens says.

By signing the call, Orkla commits to:

  • asking the Norwegian government to make active, targeted efforts to promote the establishment of a Global Deal for Nature and People in 2020
  • working systematically and continuously to reduce resource consumption and environmental impacts in our own operations

“We make systematic efforts to cut our energy and water use, switch to renewable energy and reduce food and other waste in all our operations in 30 countries. Through these actions, we have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations by more than 50 per cent since 2014. These are results that we hope can serve to inspire others,” says Ellen Behrens.

Did you know that …?
Orkla also works purposefully to promote sustainable management of fish resources and sustainable agricultural production without deforestation. The Group seeks to urge its suppliers and subcontractors to adopt good practices, and partners with certification organisations such as MSC, RSPO and the Rainforest Alliance (UTZ Certified).

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