Chef behind the new chips

Kokkens Oppskrift (Chef’s Recipe) is a new potato chips concept from KiMs. The new packets of chips are being launched in collaboration with Norway’s top prize-winning chef, Odd Ivar Solvold.


“When I was growing up, potato chips were a natural accompaniment to our Sunday roast at my grandparents’ home. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought, except that I was really glad to have potato chips for dinner. Since then, after working as a chef for several years, I have realised that potato chips are a fantastic product to serve with food if they’ve been flavoured to enhance the dish you’re eating,” says Odd Ivar Solvold.

He is the Norwegian chef who has won the most awards, and is now behind two new packets of chips to be launched on 15 September.

“KiMs’ chips experts and I have worked together on developing the new flavour concept Kokkens Oppskrift.

These potato chips have been developed with a focus on flavours that you recognise as soon as you taste them. I’ve chosen the best types of spices available to ensure optimal flavour. The new variety, Mild Bearnaise, tastes like bearnaise sauce with notes of butter, eggs, estragon and sorrel, while Frisk Salsa has a “green” taste of spring onion. When I put my name on something, I want to be sure that it’s a quality product. That’s why I have participated in every step of the development process, from selection of the type of potato to the finished bag of chips, and I know that Kokkens Oppskrift is top quality,” says Odd Ivar Solvold.