Collective mobilisation for sustainability

Orkla accepted the challenge from Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and presented ambitious new sustainability goals up to 2025 at a breakfast meeting at Sentralen in Oslo, Norway.


Peter A. Ruzicka and Erna Solberg

Two years ago, Orkla President & CEO Peter A. Ruzicka took up the challenge issued by Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg of committing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At a breakfast meeting on Wednesday, which was also attended by the Prime Minister, he was able to present Orkla’s environment and sustainability strategy up to 2025. Orkla’s goals entail a gradual transition to renewable energy, a 50% reduction in food waste, increased resource recovery and ensuring that the packaging used is 100% recyclable.

“For us at Orkla, it’s a question of making sure that our branded consumer goods are produced with the interests of people, animals and the environment in mind, and that we are helping to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle,” Peter Ruzicka says.

Erna Solberg emphasised the importance of the efforts of business and industry to achieve the global sustainability goals, and how Norway can lead the way through collaboration between business and industry, the public authorities and advocacy organisations.

Ruzicka now wants to team up with other sectors of Norwegian business and industry in a collective mobilisation to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At the breakfast meeting with the Prime Minister, he therefore invited 10 other companies to join Orkla in forming a sustainability team, to be kicked off during the Norway Cup youth soccer tournament later this summer. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who has sent the sustainability ball over to a number of heads of state around the world, will lead the business sector team during the Norway Cup.

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