Competition authorities’ decision in sight

The competition authorities have now begun the formal process, and have five weeks to assess whether Orkla’s purchase of Rieber & Søn can be approved. 


On 28 January, the Norwegian Competition Authority and the European Competition Authorities began work in parallel on the formal processing of the transaction. Both authorities must, within 25 working days (or a maximum of 35 working days if there are special circumstances), either approve the acquisition or determine that further assessment is necessary.

Transfer to the Norwegian Competition Authority

Since October 2012, the case has been dealt with at the pre-notification stage by the European Commission, and the parties have provided all the details concerning the transaction and the markets concerned. On 25 January, the EU Commission decided that the Norwegian Competition Authority is to deal with the part of the transaction that covers the Norwegian market. The decision was made in consultation with Orkla based on the Norwegian Competition Authority’s specialised knowledge of the Norwegian market. Moreover, some of the products fall outside the scope of the EEA Agreement and must thus be assessed by the Norwegian competition authorities.

The EU Commission will deal with the part of the transaction that concerns the other markets affected within the EEA area. The transaction was approved by the Russian competition authorities on 12 December 2012.