Conscious use of packaging at Pierre Robert Group

To reduce its environmental impact, the Pierre Robert Group chooses to use recyclable packaging for many of its products.


Through the careful choice of packaging, Pierre Robert Group (PRG) aims to reduce the company’s overall impact on the environment. Waste reduction is one of the company’s three overarching environmental goals, and as far as possible PRG therefore gives priority to packaging textile products in cardboard or plastic packaging that can be recycled through the Green Dot recycling scheme for used packaging. A total of 73% of the packaging that is returned through this scheme is recycled, thereby curbing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering energy consumption and generating several other positive environmental effects (Source: Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency, September 2012).

The requirements of the grocery sector with regard to product display differ from those of the specialised retail sector. In the past few years, therefore, it has become more common for textile manufacturers that supply products to the grocery sector to use plastic packaging. The plastic packaging is designed to display the products in an attractive, informative way in stores, while providing them with adequate protection. To reduce the environmental impact, PRG chooses to use recyclable plastic wherever possible.

“Choosing recyclable types of plastic is not just environmentally-friendly, it has also proved to offer a financial gain in the form of cost savings. We are always on the lookout for new materials and packaging methods that reduce the impact on the environment,” says Margrethe Vikanes, CSR and Quality Manager at PRG.