Easy to make tasty fish dishes for the whole family

Abba Middagsklart is the newest brand in Abba Seafood’s portfolio, and offers a range of products that make it easy to prepare fish dishes that the entire family likes. The launch has been well received in the Swedish market.


Abba Middagsklart’s product range currently comprises sauces, pesto and ready mixes where all you need to do is add salmon. The products, which are manufactured in Bohuslän, Sweden, contain no additives.

The new products were launched on the basis of Abba Seafood’s own surveys, which show that 70 per cent of the Swedish population want to eat more fish, but for various reasons do not make fish dishes as often as they would like. They find fish more difficult to serve than meat, they are uncertain as to what kind of fish to choose and how best to prepare that particular fish, and they are worried that it won’t taste good enough, especially to their children.

Successful launch – new products to be introduced in autumn 2012

Abba Seafood’s solution is its Middagsklart (Ready for Dinner) range of products, which has been well received since its launch in the autumn of 2011. Since October 2011, more than 2 million Middagsklart packets have been sold, equivalent to 8 million portions. In the autumn of 2012, Abba Seafood will be introducing more Middagsklart products.

So far, Abba Middagsklart has only been launched in Sweden.