Energy recovery at Procordia

Potato peel from Procordia’s factory in Eslöv provides heat for more than 400 houses.


Procordia focuses systematically on minimising waste from its own factories by finding new areas of application for residual products. Potato and beetroot peel from the company’s factories is sent to a local biogas plant, where the production waste is converted into gas that is used to heat dwellings. Manufacturing residuals from Procordia’s factories in Örebro and Kumla are used to produce biogas to fuel buses. Apple waste from the factory in Tollarp is collected by local farmers who use it in animal feed.

Less transport

Procordia has sought to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing its use of transport. Due to a new potato receiving facility at the Eslöv factory, the company itself can now take delivery of and wash potatoes for use in its production processes. This has reduced its trucking needs by the equivalent of 29,000 km, or three quarters of the world’s circumference.