Give away a bowl of hot soup

As a consumer you too can now help give away a bowl of hot soup to someone who needs it. 


For every packet soup from TORO that you buy at the Norwegian convenience chain Meny in November, a portion will now be given to the Norwegian Salvation Army’s work to help the needy.

This campaign is part of the “Soup to the People” partnership between the Norwegian Salvation Army and TORO aimed at helping to provide soup to the many people that the Salvation Army assists every day.

This partnership was established in the spring of 2016 and the Salvation Army has since received a significant number of soups. For more than 125 years, the Salvation Army has distributed hot soup to the hungry. Now consumers, too, are invited to join in this effort. The collaboration with TORO has warmed even more people, from the ordinary man in the street to those who need help most of all.

“We are very glad to have this partnership with TORO, and are looking forward to seeing the results of this campaign,” says Andrew Hannevik, the Salvation Army’s information officer.

“We can already see that our partnership is benefitting those most in need, and we are delighted to have this broad-based, long-lasting collaboration where effective campaigns of this type are simply the start. Our goal is to be able to help even more needy individuals. We are still in the start phase of our collaborative venture, and we very much look forward to its continuation,” Andrew Hannevik says.

“TORO sees this collaboration as a way of giving something back to the community. For years and years, the Norwegian Salvation Army has helped those who need it most and we want to support and be a partner in this fantastic work,” says Marketing Director Christian Mjaaseth at Orkla Foods Norway.