Grand Prize to OLW

OLW won the Grand Prize for its “Fredagsmys” campaign at this year’s Orkla Innovation and Advertising Awards, which were held at Oslo Plaza on Thursday evening.


Orkla Innovation and Advertising Awards are an annual, internal Orkla competition aimed at highlighting the importance of advertising and innovation in our brand-building. This year was the eleventh time that the Orkla Innovation and Advertising Awards were held.

The ”Fredagsmys” (Cosy Friday) campaign has been highly successful, featuring an advertising film that soon became popular and competitions that engaged the Swedish people. OLW can report double-digit sales growth and is now market leader in chips, the largest snacks category. In addition to the Grand Prize, OLW also won the award for “Best Promotion Category”, a new category this year.

The other award winners:  

”Best New Launch Advertising Category”: Lilleborg (Define)

“Best Advertising for an Established Brand Category”: Lilleborg (Lano)

“Best Use of Other Media Category”: Göteborgs Kex (Ballerina Kladdkaka)

“Best New Launch Innovation Category”: Nidar (Bergene Melk)

“Best Relaunch Innovation Category”: Stabburet (Big One)

“Best Actor”: Brand Manager Lars-Erik Jönsson Procordia (Felix Ketchup)

”The jury has had a difficult job of selecting the finalists and winners. We are impressed by many of the candidates in this year’s competition, and are pleased by the generally high level of contributions that were received. Innovation and effective marketing are our most important tools for creating profitable growth,” declares Torkild Nordberg, CEO of Orkla Brands and chair of this year’s jury.

The other jury members were Atle Vidar Johansen, Jan Ove Rivenes, Paul Jordahl, Nils Goller, Robert Sjøborg and Arve Heltne.

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