Grand Prize to Procordia at Orkla Growth Awards 2011

Procordia won the Grand Prize for its overall growth programme at this year’s Orkla Growth Awards ceremony at Oslo Plaza on Wednesday November 16. 


Procordia has been awarded this prestigious prize for its efforts to create broad-based growth. The company has achieved growth in nine of the 12 categories in which it is represented, and can report growth in both value and volume.

”This year there was no doubt as to who was to win the Orkla Grand Prize. Procordia has demonstrated true leadership and is a good example of how Orkla Brands’ strategy “From Good to Great” can be translated into action. The jury was inspired by the structural approach adopted by Procordia’s entire organisation to its broad-based growth programme,” relates Torkild Nordberg, Orkla Brands CEO and chair of this year’s jury. .

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The Orkla Growth Awards are an annual, internal Orkla competition aimed at highlighting the importance of advertising and innovation in our brand-building activities. This year marked the 12th anniversary of Orkla’s “Oscar Awards”.The name and contents of the annual Orkla Awards were changed this year to give even more focus to our main responsibility of creating business growth. All activities we do, such as advertising, innovation, promotion and packaging development must, at the end of the day, contribute to creating profitable business growth. By these awards, the jury is therefore recognizing and rewarding the initiatives that deliver significant growth.

All award winners – Please click for samples:

Best New Launch Innovation Category:

Jotun Lady Pure Color

Best Core Business Innovation Category:

Stabburet Grandiosa; Vår Hjemmelagde

Best B2B Innovation Category:

Idun Industri – My Bakery

Best Advertising Category:

MTR Foods Breakfast mixes (Ogilvy)

Best Promotion Category:

Põltsamaa Felix Apple promo

Best Packaging Category:

Chips AB Taffel Midi-bag

All Finalists:

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Best New Launch Innovation Category

Pierre Robert Group, Pierre Robert Sport Collection

Jotun, Lady Pure Color

Orkla Brands Russia, Fluide

Stabburet, Nora Hjemmelaget Potetstappe

OLW, New Business Channels

Felix Abba, Felix Fresh Salads

Sætre, Dots Doble Sjoko/Brownie Cookies

Winner: Jotun, Lady Pure Color

Best Core Business Innovation Category

Beauvais, Den Gamle Fabrik, Cremet

Krupskaya, Mishka na Severe

Stabburet, Stabburet Pai

Pierre Robert Group, Wool Collection

Procordia, Grandiosa X-tra Allt Hämtpizza

Stabburet, Fun Light (Taste of the year 2011)

Stabburet, Grandiosa; Vår Hjemmelagde

Põltsamaa Felix Põltsamaa juice relaunch

Winner: Stabburet, Grandiosa; Vår Hjemmelagde

Best B2B Innovation Category

Lilleborg Profesjonell Renessansen

Stabburet Storhusholdning Stabbur-Makrell

KåKå, KåKå Business School

Idun Industri My Bakery

Winner: Idun Industri My Bakery

Best Advertising Category

MTR Foods, Breakfast mixes Ogilvy

Axellus Finland Nutrilett testimonial Lahtinen & Mantere Saatchi & Saatchi

Lilleborg, Blenda Sensitive Lowefriends Cph

Stabburet, Nora Hjemmelaget Potetstappe Try

Axellus Poland MOLLER’S Tran Closbrothers, Try

Stabburet, Originale Pasta Try

Jotun , Lady Pure Color Try

Winner: MTR Foods, Breakfast mixes Ogilvy

Best Promotion Category

KiMs Dk., KiMs Franske Kartofler: Christmas Promo

Põltsamaa Felix Põltsamaa Apple promo

Lilleborg, Sun Gulltabletten

Pierre Robert Group, Pierre Robert: Let’s Dance

Nidar Nidar Favoritter: Lag din Favorittbit

Abba Seafood, Kalles Kaviar: Äggkuppen

KiMs Norge, KiMs: Smaken av din Fredag

Procordia, Felix Höstkampanj

Winner: Põltsamaa Felix Põltsamaa Apple promo

Best Packaging Category

Stabburet, Idun Ketchup relaunch

MTR Foods, MTR range redesign

Felix Abba, Panda Puddings

Axellus Poland Bodymax

Chips AB, Finland, Taffel Midi-bag

Procordia, Felix Soppa

Pierre Robert Group, Pierre Robert Sport Collection

Winner: Chips AB, Taffel Midi-bag

The jury consisted of Torkild Nordberg, Jan Ove Rivenes, Atle Vidar Johansen, Paul Jordahl, Arve Heltne, Nils Goller, Robert Sjøborg and Pål Eikeland (one category) and Rune Myrmel (one category).