Growth Prize awarded to Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Eesti and Latvija

At this year’s Orkla Growth Awards, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Eesti and Latvija took the stage together to receive the most coveted prize.


Orkla Growth Awards 2018

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The Orkla Growth Prize for 2018 was awarded to the two companies for their joint ability to create cross-market growth. Together, with their strong local brands and close collaboration on shared ideas, launches and activities, they have taken market shares from global competitors in both Estonia and Latvia.

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Eesti and Latvija were cheered on stage at this year’s Orkla Growth Awards, which took place on Wednesday, 30 May at The Qube at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Orkla President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka presented the Orkla Growth Prize to the two companies.

He has chaired this year’s jury and praises the high standard of this year’s finalists, where the following prizewinners were ultimately selected:

  • Best Operations Initiative: Orkla Food Ingredients in Covasna (Project Romanus)
  • Best Brand & Packaging Design: Lilleborg (New visual identity)
  • Innovation: MTR Foods (MTR 3 Minute Breakfast)
  • Consumer Communication: Jotun (Jotun Colour trends)
  • Best Sales Growth: Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige (Launch of Smash in Sweden)
  • Best One Orkla Initiative: Orkla Suomi (Merger of Orkla Foods and Orkla Confectionery & Snacks in Finland)
  • Brand Strength: Orkla Foods Norge (Grandiosa)
  • Sustainability: Orkla Home & Personal Care (KLAR)

“In order for Orkla to create growth, it is crucial that we continue to produce successful innovations and to build and develop strong brands. It is therefore gratifying to see all the good work that is being done across the companies, and that the Orkla Growth Awards can inspire us by focusing a little extra attention on these achievements,” says Peter A. Ruzicka.

The Orkla Growth Awards were held for the 18th time this year. From a total of 255 nominations in eight growth and innovation categories, 41 finalists were chosen.

This year’s jury has consisted of: Peter A. Ruzicka (jury chair), Karl Otto Tveter, Maria Borge Andreassen, Arve Heltne, Elisabeth Tapper, Thor Vidar Ilje, Stian Lund, Henrik Strømqvist, Siw Dejligbjerg Steen, Silje Johannessen Grøterud and Mirjam Hamnen.

Furthermore, the following persons have served on the jury for selected categories: Johan Clarin (Best Operations Initiative), Nils Goller (Best Brand & Packaging Design), Karina Dahling Ehrenclou (Best Sales Growth Initiative), Ellen Behrens (Sustainability) and Lars Fretheim (The Orkla Growth Prize).