“Hey Google, I need help to clean my home.”

Now you can get help at home thanks to Plusstid Home and Google Assistant.


Google assistant

Over the past six months, the Orkla-owned start-up, Plusstid Home, has built up a new service platform. It initially offers cleaning services and the installation of smart door locks in the Oslo area.

In connection with the launch of Google Assistant, Google’s voice-activated helper, Plusstid Home now wants to make everyday life a little simpler. Plusstid Home is providing new actions for Google Assistant, which will now be able to answer questions ranging from when you can book a cleaner to what you should do with your house keys and how the insurance arrangement for your cleaning service works.

Helping hand

“Plusstid Home is designed to be your helping hand in day-to-day living. In a simple, safe way, we will ensure that things get done in your home, whether you need cleaning or handyman services. Partnering with Google and the launch of Google Assistant in Norway are therefore a perfect fit for us. Google Assistant will make it easier for users to get answers to whatever questions they might have about our services,” says Markus Engelbrekts, CEO of Plusstid Home.

Google Assistant has been available on various Android telephones for some time now, but has not supported the Norwegian language. Google is now launching its digital assistant in Norway, for both Android and iOS phones.

According to Engelbrekts, Plusstid Home and Orkla are constantly on the outlook for new technology that can solve everyday problems, and see a great potential in Google Assistant. He points out that while the technology underlying the voice-activated helper has come a long way, it is still at an early stage. Engelbrekts promises that more new actions will be added to the assistant in future.

“It’s been imperative that we make an early start on this process, so that we get to know the technology and the potential that it offers. We’ll be collaborating closely with Google, and will make sure that new actions are added in response to user demands,” Engelbrekts says.