Idun inspires bakeries to engage in good sustainability work

This coming weekend Idun will be hosting an idea fair to inspire its bakery customers. At this venue Orkla will be sharing its thinking on why good sustainability work is good for business.


Several hundred visitors are expected to attend Idun’s Idea Fair, which will be held this coming Friday and Saturday. Idun will display new products and hold mini-seminars on sustainability, trends and fast food.

“We who work with food have a great opportunity to promote sustainability. At the seminar we’ll look at how the bakery sector can exploit sustainability trends to create profitable growth while also making a difference,” says Ellen Behrens, Orkla VP Corporate Responsibility.

More and more consumers are concerned about health and environmental issues, and good sustainability work can make a bakery more attractive. At the seminar Ellen Behrens will present important sustainability trends and show how sustainability can become a competitive advantage. Examples of possible action include developing healthier products, reducing food waste, saving energy and promoting sustainable production of raw materials.

A sustainable product range

Sustainability is high on the agenda at Idun, who wants to be a good business partner for bakeries in this respect. Idun offers environmentally certified raw materials, organic raw materials and a range of ingredients that make it easier to produce healthier bakery products.

“We are looking forward to presenting several new products at the fair, including a new, expanded range of gluten-free products. At Idun we have focused actively on gluten-free bread since 2013, and we anticipate that this year’s sales of gluten-free products will be almost seven times higher than when we started.” says Brit Bjørkli, Marketing Manager at Idun.

“We’re also looking forward to launching two new types of sourdough that we have developed in response to the demand for organic ingredients and bread made with oats,” she concludes.