Launches from Orkla companies

Below is a sample of the new products launched by the Orkla companies outside Norway.


An emphasis on organic and natural products is a trend reflected in several of this spring’s launches from companies like Orkla Foods Sverige and the Danish company Naturli’ Foods, which are part of the Orkla Food Ingredients family*.

Healthy food that tastes good

There is a general focus on organic ingredients and less sugar in the new product launches from Orkla Foods Sverige. One example of this is Felix Ekologisk rice porridge made from natural ingredients.

“Our product developers are constantly coming up with new improvements, with focus on taste. Now they’ve succeeded in making an organic versions of this popular favourite, without compromising its familiar, well-loved taste,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Paulúns continues to build on the success of its crispbread made of natural ingredients. Paulúns Superknäcke crispbread is made of sourdough, contains 26% seeds and has no added sugar.

Plant-based organic ice cream

“The OFI company Naturli’ Foods offers a number of exciting innovations under the organic brand Naturli’. The new products include a 100% plant-based ice cream made with organic raw materials, and is available in two flavours, blueberry and raspberry.

Danish consumers can also look forward to several plant-based alternatives to meat, Naturli’ Veggieburger, Veggie Bolognese and Veggie Stroganoff, all of which are made from organic raw materials. Naturli’ Seitan is made of wheat protein, resembles meat in terms of both taste and consistency, and has a high protein content.

Familar products in new markets

Vitana is launching baking mixes and various types of gluten-free flour in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Suslavicius-Felix is branching out into a new category with the healthy, tasty breakfast cereals Paulúns Granola and Paulúns Ugnsristad Supermüsli (oven-roasted muesli), which are already a huge success in Sweden. Ballerina Bites biscuits, which are popular on the Swedish market, are now available in several varieties and are also to be launched in Norway in May.

*The Danish company Naturli’ Foods is a subsidiary of Dragsbæk, an Orkla Food Ingredients company.