Launches from the Orkla companies

Fresh vegan pasta, new varieties of pizza and single-serve containers of plant-based ice cream are just some of the new products launched by the Orkla companies this February.


A wide range of new product offerings are on their way to store shelves in the Nordic countries:
“Felix Veggie chilled soups, Naturli’ fresh pasta and Grandiosa Pizza whirls with vegetables are examples of how we are responding to the vegetarian trend in several new ready meal categories,” says Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Plant-based and natural
In Denmark, Naturli’ has introduced plant-based ice dream in small cups (150 ml) in tempting flavours. Other new products include Naturli’ Pipfri, a plant-based alternative to chicken, and Naturli’ organic plant-based mince for use in vegetarian falafel, meatballs and burgers. Swedish Felix makes it easy to choose vegetarian with three delicious soups, while Anamma can offer a Vegoschnitzel in a gluten-free version. In Finland, Grandiosa is tempting consumers with an oven-baked veggie pizza with an Italian crust.

“Swedish OLW Linsechips lentil crisps, which are made of chick peas and lentils, show how we are on a more vegan track in the snack area, too. With Austrian Felix Streetfood Cups, we are taking the street food trend in a new direction, offering Indian or Thai soups with exciting vegetarian ingredients,” Arve Helte reports.

More of the good stuff
Norwegian consumers can look forward to trying several scrumptious new pizzas: Taco Fiesta with tasty toppings, BigOne Hot Hawaii and Grandiosa Nybakt in two flavourful new varieties. In Finland, too, Grandiosa is offering new taste experiences. Danish Beauvais is launching chopped pickles and beets in small, practical bottles, while Felix Ketchup is introducing Sweden’s first unsweetened ketchup.

On the chocolate shelf, Stratos entices shoppers with two new flavours, and a growing number of popular favourites will be available in new markets:

“Norwegian Smash! is a huge hit in Sweden, and we’re now launching it in Denmark, under the KiMs brand. Swedish consumers can finally enjoy Panda Choco & Lakris balls, which have become a favourite in Norway, Denmark and Finland in just a short time,” Heltne relates.

Products for greener everyday living
“Jordan Green Clean goes from success to success with an environmentally friendly toothbrush for children, which we are launching in the Nordic region, and Klar now offers eco-friendly personal care products with natural, organic ingredients,” says Arve Heltne.

Swedish Grumme is introducing a sustainable dishwashing brush made of 70% recyclable materials, while Jordan Stay Fresh toothpaste is being launched in several Nordic countries.

“Better for you”
The biscuit and snacks shelf tempts consumers on the go with healthier options;

“Granola Bites, which we’re launching in Norway and Sweden under the Småsulten and Anyday brands, is a response to the healthier snacking trend. Another exciting new product is Paulúns Nötbar nut bar, a wholesome, tasty bar containing 70% nuts and seeds which provides plenty of energy,” Heltne points out.

Paulúns Nötbar comes in three flavours and is being launched in Sweden and Lithuania. New product offerings in Denmark include KiMs and Gårdlykke crisps, both with 30% less fat.

“The trend of healthier, more environmentally friendly products is starting to emerge in Finland, the Baltics and Central Europe, too. We are now launching Felix Ketchup with less sugar and a more eco-friendly bottle made of 25% recycled plastic in both Finland and Latvia,” Arve Heltne comments.

Other examples include a vegan ice cream made of oat flakes launched by Orkla Foods Latvija, and Spilva Hummus.