Lilleborg Profesjonell chooses the Church City Mission in Norway

October 27th marks the start of the Church City Mission’s (Kirkens Bymisjon) popular Christmas fundraising campaign, “Make Someone Who is Dreading Christmas Happy”. And Lilleborg Profesjonell and Orkla will be part of the team! 


In September this year, Orkla launched its new Orkla Friends Fund. Every month NOK 100,000 will be donated to a charitable cause, and every month one of the Orkla companies will decide who should receive the contribution. The baton has now been passed to Lilleborg Profesjonell, who has chosen the Church City Mission and its Christmas campaign “Make Someone Who is Dreading Christmas Happy”.

In addition to designating the Church City Mission as recipient of the NOK 100,000 from the Orkla Friends Fund, Lilleborg Profesjonell is initiating several other measures to increase support for the Church City Mission.

Internal campaign

The project is headed by Marketing Manager Elena Eriksen, who relates that Lilleborg Profesjonell is delighted to have been handed the relay baton, and to be given the opportunity to make a difference to someone who really needs it.

“We very quickly chose the Church City Mission, as there is wide agreement in our company that it’s a worthy recipient,” says Elena.

Last year, more funds than ever were raised through the Christmas campaign. This year Lilleborg Profesjonell wants to help beat this record, and hopes that good colleagues in Orkla will do their part to make this happen.

Contribution from popular Christmas packages

Lilleborg Profesjonell chose to link the contribution from the Orkla Friends Fund to its seasonal concept for the specialised retail sector, which it has called “Christmas Stars”. This is a selection of the season’s bestsellers packed in a gift box that is easy to carry and easy to share. Ten kroner for each box that is sold will go to support the Christmas campaign, potentially generating a total contribution of NOK 150,000 to the work of the Church City Mission.

The product is the result of a collaborative effort with Orkla Foods and Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, and is a step on the path to becoming “One Orkla”. The packages are attractively designed, featuring Christmas motifs, product pictures and information on the Church City Mission and the 2015 Christmas Campaign.

The Orkla Friends Fund

The idea of the Orkla Friends Fund was inspired by the desire to live up to Orkla’s new vision, “Your friend in everyday life”. In the new Orkla Compass, the strategic pillars have been expanded to include a fifth one, Society, and the Orkla Friends Fund also serves as a demonstration of this commitment. Although the grant will primarily be awarded in the Nutrition and Health category, Corporate Responsibility can be chosen as an alternative.

MTR Foods in India was the first Orkla company to make a donation. The company designated the Akshaya Patra Foundation to be the recipient of the NOK 100,000 grant in September, and then handed the baton on to Lilleborg Profesjonell.

Lilleborg Profesjonell is now passing the baton on to Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige, who will have the task of finding a charitable cause that will receive NOK 100,000 from the Orkla Friends Fund in November.