Major new ketchup line inaugurated in Fågelmara

The County Governor of Blekinge was present to witness a major new development for Felix ketchup in Orkla Foods Sweden’s plant at Fågelmara 13. Maj.


A new production line was inaugurated complete with its own integrated bottle manufacturing process. Not only is the investment welcomed by the local municipality and workers at the Fågelmara plant, but this initiative will also slash carbon dioxide emissions from the transport of bottles by 90%.

On Tuesday workers, representatives of the local municipality, the press and other invitees gathered to witness the inauguration of the new ketchup line. There were speeches from the County Governor of Blekinge, Ms Berit Andnor Bylund, and the CEO of Orkla Foods Sweden, Patrik Andersson, and Plant Manager Bill Wigren demonstrated the new line.

“Having our own inline bottle blower dramatically reduces transports to the plant. Now that we can blow bottles on site there is no longer any need for incoming deliveries of empty bottles. This will cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 90%. Moreover, as the bottle tops are also made in Sweden, this shortens the distance that these have to be transported as well,” says Bill Wigren.

Patrik Andersson, CEO of Orkla Foods Sweden, expressed his satisfaction with the day’s events and looks forward to future developments with confidence.

“This is one of the biggest and most important investments in ketchup that we have ever made,” he says. “It provides evidence of our forward-looking approach and shows the confidence we have in operations here. The project has demanded a great deal of our co-workers and the level of commitment that they have demonstrated throughout the process has been fantastic. This bodes well for the future, both for the company as a whole and for Fågelmara.”