May product launches from Orkla

In May, store shelves are filled with a multitude of new products from Orkla.


The many new offerings this season include a new range of barbecue sauces and dressings from Idun and delicious potato salads from Denja.

“Innovations are important for Orkla. We have several exciting new products in our categories, and hope to delight consumers with new taste experiences and innovative product packaging,” says Arve Helte, Senior Vice President Orkla Commercial Excellence.

The new products now to be found on store shelves include Toro Fiks Ferdig Ris (microwaveable rice), barbecue potato salads from Denja, a new variety of Stabbur-Makrell mackerel in a tube and Nugatti Nøtteknas (chocolate-toasted hazelnut chunky spread). On the biscuits shelf, Gullvafler, Ballerina and Café Bakeriet cookies, all now available in new flavours, will tempt shoppers. From the sweets shelves, Laban offers Minimenn, little jelly figures in a small container.

Gluten-free popular favourites

“We are also happy to launch gluten-free versions of Norway’s most popular dinners, Grandiosa pizza and Toro Lasagne,” says Arve Heltne. “We are maintaining our focus on reducing salt in our existing products; these new KiMs Bamser bear-shaped snacks with 30% less salt are a good example.”

Seasonal fragrances

Focus on scent is a strong feature of many of Lilleborg’s new launches. Long-standing favourites Dove, Naturelle and Sterilan now come in new varieties, and the Lano range is being relaunched with a milder fragrance. New styling products from Define are also among the newcomers described as notable by Arve Helte:

“Define salt water spray reflects a key seasonal trend and is perfect for the time of year that we are now approaching,” he concludes.

Orkla’s new product launches in Norway:

Orkla Foods:
Toro Lasagne soon available in a gluten-free version
Toro Fiks Ferdig Ris microwaveable rice in several different flavours
Toro Tandoori chicken casserole
Toro Mild fish soup
Toro Bali chicken casserole and Toro cream of cauliflower soup in a new family pack
Grandiosa gluten-free pizza
Stabburet Makrell mackerel in a tomato basil sauce and in tomato sauce in a tube
Idun Fersk Cæsar dressing
Idun is launching a new range of barbecue sauces and dressings
Nugatti Nøtteknas chocolate-toasted hazelnut chunky spread
Denja Sommersalat (summer salad), Grillpotetsalat original (original barbecue potato salad) and Grillpotetsalat amerikansk (American barbecue potato salad)Denja Sommerens Friske Potetsalat (summer’s fresh potato salad)

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks:
New Energy Nøttebar, chocolate bar with cashews and hazelnuts in caramel
Gullvafler waffle biscuits now available in the new vanilla dream flavour
Café Bakeriet Sjokoladekos chocolate cookies
Melkesjoko chocolate biscuits filled with milk chocolate, a new flavour from Ballerina
Laban Minimenn mini jelly figures
Stratos Boble chocolates in a bag
Ifa Supersalte sugar-free salty lozenges
Cheez Tortillas snacksPolly BeerNuts

Orkla Home & Personal:
Axellus Nutrilett 4-pack
Omo Sport&Aktive detergent
Comfort Fruity Dream and Comfort Blossom Dream fabric softeners
Jordan Easy Reach flosser
Solidox Fluor Effect toothpaste
Jordan Trend dishwashing brush
Naturelle Aloe Vera hand soap
Dove Purely Pampering pistachio cream with magnolia body wash
Define Saltvannsspray salt water hair spraySterilan Blooming Freesia deodorant

The Lano range has been relaunched with milder fragrances
Define is introducing a new, improved version of Flexible Paste
KiMs Bamser with 30% less salt
Toro Tomatsuppe (tomato soup) relaunched in a new packaging design
Stabbur-Makrell (mackerel) in a tube
Idun Rømmedressing (sour cream dressing) and Thousand Island dressing
Denja Rekesalat (shrimp salad) 400 g