Möller`s cod liver oil now in Romania

Last week, Möller`s cod liver oil was introduced to Romanians at a special event in Bucharest.


The guests at the launch included the staff of the Norwegian embassy in Romania.

Romania is an exciting new market for Axellus, particularly because Orkla already operates in the country through Orkla Foods Romania. In 2007 the country joined the EU, becoming the seventh largest member state. Over the past few years, the Romanian market has seen strong growth.

“I am proud to take part in introducing Möller`s cod liver oil to Romanians. For many people in Norway, Möller`s is an iconic name in public health and an important part of our history. At home, everyone recognises the green bottle. Not everyone likes the taste, but we have grown up hearing that a spoonful of cod liver oil is good for our health,” said Ambassador Tove Bruvik Westberg at the launch.

This year marks the 160th anniversary of apothecary Peter Möller’s introduction of cod liver oil to Norwegians, and Möller`s is one of the oldest and best known Norwegian health products. Many people still think that cod liver oil is a distinctively Norwegian product sold exclusively in Norway, but that is not the case. Half of all sales of Möller`s cod liver oil bottles now take place outside Norway. A total of around 4.2 million bottles of Möller`s cod liver oil are sold every year. The biggest markets outside Norway include Poland and Finland.

“Romania is an important country for us, and we have great ambitions as to what we can achieve. We think that in many areas the situation is the same as when Möller`s cod liver oil was launched in Poland seven years ago. Our success will depend on our working closely with pharmacies and doctors to explain why cod liver oil should be an important part of people’s diet,” says Grzegorz Wasik, Export Sales Manager at Axellus.

Over 1 million bottles of Möller`s cod liver oil are sold each year in Poland. Sales have grown by around 25% in recent years.

Ambassador Tove Bruvik Westberg and Grzegorz Wasik, Export Sales Manager at Axellus

About Möller`s

Today, Möller’s Tran cod liver oil is the most well known dietary supplement in Norway, and has been on the market since 1854. The cod liver oil is produced from Norwegian Arctic cod from Lofoten and Vesterålen. Cod liver oil has a high content of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids from Norwegian wild North Atlantic cod and vitamins D, A and E. Cod liver oil is the only dietary supplement that is recommended by the Norwegian health authorities, and more than 1000 scientific articles testify to its positive health effect.