MTR Foods is building a strong company

Building on a long history of dedication to quality food, the vision of MTR Foods is to become an indispensible companion in every kitchen to help create authentic and delicious Indian food.To build an organisation capable of delivering on the vision, MTR Foods invests significantly to develop people capability and competence.


Over the last three years, MTR Foods has invested in a number of organisational development activities to support the company’s growth ambitions. The first step was to develop the right organisational structures and policies to deliver on the strategy.

“We have restructured the management layers in the organisation and introduced a number of business-linked policies and procedures, but perhaps even more importantly, we work systematically to engage our employees and build strong corporate values,” says Tuhin Biswas, VP HR & Administration.

In 2010-11, the entire MTR organisation was involved in the development and roll-out of the company’s new vision, Mission and Values. The objective was to set direction for the organisation and align the employees to the overall purpose.

“We called the process “Building Our Future”, and involved employees across the organisation in developing the new vision through various engagements like wall writing, focus groups, one-on-one interaction and workshops. Then, the vision and values were rolled out to the entire organisation through a roll-out ceremony, interactive theatre and posters. It was a great initiative in aligning the employees to the Vision, Mission and Values,” says Tuhin Biswas.

MTR Foods has also organised a broad range of training programmes for managers and employees to build awareness, increase functional expertise and develop leadership competence.

In total, 32,700 hours of training were conducted from 2010 to 2012, or 30 hours per employee. The training has included leadership and managerial development programmes, food safety, occupational health and safety, as well as interpersonalcollaboration and life skills.

To attract talented students, MTR started campus programmes in 2010. Two programmes for young professionals and graduate engineers have been designed to grow in-house technical and managerial talent to meet future organisational requirements.