New food company in Sweden now operational

As from 1 April 2013, Abba Seafood and Procordia will operate as a joint company. For the time being the new company will be called Procordia, until August when its new name is scheduled to be presented.


The merger of Abba Seafood and Procordia, which was announced on 9 January 2013, was motivated by Orkla’s desire to strengthen its competitiveness on the Swedish market.

The new company has over 1,300 employees and its total turnover will be around SEK 4.5 billion. Its head office is located in Eslöv, along with production facilities. The company also has factories in Fågelmara, Kungshamn, Kumla, Tollarp, Vansbro and Örebro, as well as a warehouse in Uddevalla.

The brands owned by the new company are Abba, Abba Middagsklart, Kalles, Felix, BOB, Ekströms, Risifrutti, Grandiosa, Önos, Kung Gustaf, Fun Light, Grebbestads, JOKK, Den Gamle Fabrik, Ejderns, Svennes, Hållö, Lucullus, Liva Energi and Paulúns.

“On the strength of the most popular Swedish brands, we are now establishing Sweden’s best food company. We aim to develop an innovative, competitive branded consumer goods company in the food and beverage industry, and to create an exciting workplace for our employees,” says Procordia CEO Patrik Andersson.

The plan is also to integrate Frödinge into the company, provided that the Norwegian Competition Authority approves Orkla’s purchase of Rieber & Søn.