New labelling for Orkla food products

New rules for labelling food entered into force on 13 December. 


The new rules are intended to make it easier for consumers to read and understand the ingredients contained in food.

Through systematic efforts over the past three years, Orkla has adapted its operations to the new requirements for good, uniform labelling of food products across its companies and categories. All Orkla products have been given new labelling, a process that has entailed an impressive effort by the companies. By planning the changes on the product packaging well in advance, the companies have avoided extra costs in connection with the new labelling.

“An expanded nutrition declaration providing fact-based, easily understandable information on types of ingredients and nutritional content will make it easier for consumers to make good, informed choices,” says Terje Solbakken, Director Food Safety at Orkla.

The new rules maintain the former requirements regarding the labelling of ingredients and allergens, but also introduce certain new ones. Under the new requirements, for instance, vegetable oils must be specified and allergens must be highlighted in the labelling.