New launches from Orkla companies

Easy-to-make vegetarian meals, flatbread pizzas and eco-friendly detergents are just some of the new product offerings launched by Orkla companies in the Nordic region.


“We are now introducing a number of new products that make it easy to make healthier, more sustainable choices in everyday life. Several of our new products have also been inspired by Orkla launches in other markets,” relates Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

The new products include the Jordan Green Clean environmentally friendly toothbrush, now being launched in all the Nordic countries. The toothbrush is made of 100 per cent recycled plastic.

“The Swedish company Felix is expanding its selection of vegetarian dinners with a range of frozen pies packed with vegetables. The Danish Naturli’ brand, which we are now introducing in new markets, offers a growing number of innovative food products to show that plant-based food tastes just as good as meat,” Heltne says.

Danish consumers will appreciate Naturli’ Hakkedrenge plant-based burgers, Naturli’ Plantefarse plant-based mince and Naturli’ Grønnsaksfarse vegetable mince, in addition to foil-wrapped plant-based butter. Beauvais is launching organic ketchup, while Anamma offers plant-based mince, burgers and sausages.

“Our Swedish health brand, Paulúns, is revolutionising breakfast product shelves with Linsflingor, thin, crisp lentil flakes for those who want a really healthy, tasty breakfast,” Arve Heltne reports.

Other innovations in Sweden include Risifrutti Bare Risgrøt (just rice porridge), where you can add your own topping and which contains no added sugar. Felix pies tempt consumers with a crisp new crust baked with butter. The brand-new Grandiosa Flatbread Pizza has an extra thin, crisp crust and a host of tasty toppings.

Products for greener everyday living

“We are constantly making changes in an effort to use less plastic and more recycled material. A good example is the Klar range, where the bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. Grumme is launching Sweden’s first plant-based laundry softener, in smart, eco-friendly packaging,” Heltne says.

A similar laundry softener has been launched in Norway, under the Comfort brand. Finnish consumers can look forward to using an environmentally friendly laundry softener launched under the Lumme brand.

Snacks and chocolate temptations

Panda is tempting shoppers with its new Chocolate Glazed Liquorice, an irresistible combination of salty liquorice and chocolate that is being launched in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Swedish consumers will be able to enjoy a new variety of Panda Natural liquorice and OLW ridged chick pea chips flavoured with chili and mild garlic.

“Seasonal products are very popular in the Baltics, and we are now seeing more and more exciting examples of this trend in Scandinavia, too,’’ Helte comments.
Staburadze has created a dessert concept based on Latvia’s most popular cake, while Kung Oscar is launching Swedish ginger-and-pear snaps. KiMs is offering Juleglede star-shaped snacks for the Christmas season. Snowflakes have also landed on the Nidar confectionery favourites Bamsemums, Troika and Melkesjokolade, now being launched in a special winter version.

“Free from” products

“Food products containing no additives and less salt and sugar have long been a prominent trend in Scandinavia. Now we are seeing a general, increasingly stronger focus on health, also among our companies in Central Europe,” Helte comments.

One example is Hamé, which is launching a special liver pâté for children in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The pâté contains less salt and no additives. Spilva follows food trends closely and can tempt consumers with a special range of sauces for Street Food products.

All these and many other new and relaunched products are now on their way to store shelves.

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