New launches from Orkla

Plant-based ice cream in tempting flavours, summertime crisps and environmentally-friendly dish-washing tablets are some of this season’s new products launched by Orkla companies.


A wide range of new products are now on their way to store shelves in the Nordic countries and the Baltics:

“This spring’s innovations respond to trends like sustainability, wellness, taste and indulgence. We also have a number of exciting examples of how we take our innovations from one market to another,” relates Nils Goller, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing and Innovation.

One of these examples is vegan food from Anamma, which is being rolled out in country after country.

Plant-based ice cream

Naturli’ plant-based ice cream has become extremely popular with Danish consumers, and several favourite new flavours are now available in stores:

”One of of our newest favourites is an organic global innovation concocted in collaboration with liquorice confectioner Johan Bülow! We’ve been given the honour of using Bülow liquorice to produce a fantastic liquorice ice cream,” recounts Michael Pilgaard, Marketing Director at Naturli’.

Here you can read more about how the ice cream was developed, and meet Claus, the man behind Naturli’s plant-based ice cream: Naturli Foods

Other new innovations include Naturli’ Chick Free, a plant-based alternative to chicken, The Burger, which is 100% plant-based and made with protein from peas, Sausages – 100% plant-based and also pea-based, and an organic oat drink that is perfect for coffee, as well as organic Almond and Oat drinks.

Delicious new summer products

Taste and indulgence characterise several of Orkla’s new products. KiMs tempts consumers with summertime crisps with the tantalizing taste of Sweet Hickory BBQ and exhilarating flavour of Cheddar & Jalapenos, while OLW now offers Grilled Cheddar Chillies and Creamy Summer BBQ crisps, along with a new type of chickpea chips. The Finnish brand Tafel is also launching an innovative plant-based snack product.

Grandiosa fans can look forward to enjoying an even better crust on Grandiosa Take Away Supreme and Grandiosa Pan Pizza Classic, which are being launched in Sweden.

FunLight entices shoppers with summery new flavours like Kiwi Lemon and Pink Lemonade, while BOB Bara Bär offers dilutable berry drinks with no added sugar or additives, which are made in Sweden.

This season’s new offerings also include Abba sommersild (summer herring), Felix Gresk (Greek) yoghurt and barbecue sauces from Vitana.

Products for greener everyday living

The Norwegian brand Klar is launching yet another good, green alternative for households:

“Many of our consumers have asked for a dishwashing detergent from Klar, so we’re delighted to be able to introduce this new product. Klar dishwashing tablets are a good, green choice, just as good environmental choices should be,” says Anne Marheim Støren, Business Developer Sustainable Living at Orkla Home & Personal Care.

Orkla’s global brand, Möller’s, is relaunching its popular omega-3 capsules in new packaging made of 100% recycled plastic.

Healthy lunchbox bars

Kornmo has good news for people looking for a tasty, healthy snack meal:

“We know that a lot of people want healthier snacking options that taste good too. This spring Kornmo is introducing Norway’s first and only wholegrain lunchbox bar –  and Norway’s healthiest chocolate biscuit,” reports Johanne Altenau Rokne, Kornmo Brand Manager.