New product launches from Orkla

Tasty vegetarian food, superbiscuits, hair care products with sea minerals and a brand-new chocolate brand are just some of the many exciting new products now offered by Orkla companies in February.


Orkla's international February 2018 launches

“February is a strong launch window with a multitude of exciting innovations responding to the trend towards natural and plant-based food and better-for-you products,” relates Arve Heltne, Senior Vice President Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Vegetarian and natural

The many new vegan offerings include plant-based mince and drinks for people on the move from the Danish Naturli’ brand, and flavourful alternatives to meat from the Swedish Anamma brand.

“These successful products are being rolled out in new markets, and we are now launching several Anamma products and Naturli’ plant-based drinks in Norway,” Heltne says.

“Anamma has also entered into an exciting partnership with McDonald’s, which has now put a McVegan burger, based on Anamma’s vegan burger, on its menu in Sweden and Finland.”

Anamma’s vegan burgers and other vegan alternatives to traditional meat dishes have been launched in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and the entire range is presented in a new, more eco-friendly packaging. The plant-based margarine, Naturli’ Smørbar, can now be found in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish grocery stores.

Other food innovations Arve Heltne highlights as worth noting include Norwegian TORO Smaksrike baser (tasty bases), a range of bases for really good dinners and sauces that make it easy to make a delicious dinner from scratch. Danish consumers will be delighted by KiMs oven-baked potato crisps with just 10% fat, and totally new sausage roll and pizza swirl snacks from Beauvais containing up to 50% vegetables.

More of the good stuff

“Swedish Paulúns is offering more of the good stuff in Superpasta, a new type of healthy pasta in three varieties. The pasta is made of sweet potato, lentils and eggs. That means twice as much fiber and protein than in ordinary wheat-based pasta,” Heltne points out.

Paulúns is also introducing Supergranola in two new flavours, and is continuing its efforts to reduce the natural sugar level. More and more Paulúns products are also being launched in Finland, Denmark and Norway. Paulúns Supergröt is now available in Lithuania.

Swedish consumers can now enjoy low-fat, high-protein lentil crisps, and Paulúns Superkex biscuits made from 56% seeds. The popular BOB brand is launching Bare Bær (just berries) jam made from 100% berries with no added sugar or sweetener at all. Ketchup favourite Felix now also offers mustard made in Sweden.

“Superlife is a new range of organic breakfast toppings and supergreen mixes to add to juices and smoothies. The products make it easier to live healthily, and are indicative of the way we are responding to the organic, vegan and gluten-free trends,” Heltne comments. The product range will initially be launched in Norway.

“Free from” products

Hamé has made baby food healthier, eliminating colouring agents and additives and reducing the salt content. Smoothies for infants, with vitamins and calcium, and no added sugar are also some of the new offerings.

The naturalness trend can also be seen in the personal care, laundry and cleaning segments. Some of the Norwegian products that Heltne considers noteworthy are Define shampoo and balsam with marine minerals, Dr. Greve intimate wipes, and several new offerings sold in pharmacies.

“Gevita has introduced ‘the perfect pill’, with a shape that makes it easier to swallow, and Multivitamin is launching selected vitamins and minerals for vegans and vegetarians,” says Heltne.

Pierre Robert, which has been launched throughout the Nordic region, focuses continuously on design and quality improvements, and has relaunched several of its collections, such as Pierre Robert Invisible and Pierre Robert Sport.

Did you know that:

  • Following its success in Sweden, the Norwegian chocolate favourite Smash! is now also being launched in Finland.
  • KiMs continues to focus on chocolate. A blind product test conducted among Danish consumers shows that KiMs chocolate with 33% cocoa beats the market leader in Denmark.
  • Norwegian Solidox chewing gum is a flavourful new range of chewing gums containing fluor for extra clean teeth, and carbonates that help to make teeth whiter.
  • Our new Norwegian brand, Vill, is a good example showing that more importance is being attached to naturalness, even in the indulgence segment. This dark milk chocolate contains more cocoa, less sugar and more of what tastes good, such as blueberries, raspberries and nuts.
  • Norwegian JIF has removed preservatives from its cleaning sprays, making them milder and gentler.
  • Jordan Easy Wipes, which are 100% compostable, will now be available in a new version designed for glass and mirrors.